Sunday, April 7, 2013

iTunes slow start up on Windows 8 x64

So i have a Dell Inspiron n5010 with itunes 11 installed. While some may say my laptop is a "low budget" system, i have actually upgraded it. i have a 500GB 5200rpm SATA HDD, intel i3 duel-core @ 2.4GHz and 8GB of memory (RAM) so i'm pretty confident that it is not my system being this slow. As a matter a fact, my mom has the Dell Studio running Windows 7 x82 with only 4GB memory (but 1.9GB usable because some idot installed 32bit verion of Windows 7) and some intel core duo processor (she bought it about a year or two after the release of Windows Vista, but before Windows 7 was released) and it opens iTunes 11 immedatly, even upon boot, no wait time which is spectacular considering that her computer runs everything else really slow. Meanwhile, my Inspiron takes over a minute and half to load iTunes, even if my laptop has been siting doing nothing prior to atempting to open iTunes. and then once it has been loading, iTunes runs slow.. Takes forever to download music/apps, sync, transfer music into the libarary.. it wont even sync album covers. None of this started until i updated to iTunes 11.

How can i fix this so it doesn't happen anymore?

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