Thursday, March 28, 2013

wifi very slow on iPad1 iOS 5.1.1, other devices OK...

Hi. Recently I've had issues with wireless network speed to my iPad1. Other devices in my home work without issues.


On my hardline I've got 100mb speed, giving an average wifi speed of about 25-30mb.


The last months I've had dropping speeds on the iPad, but turning off/on wifi did cure it and got the speed up. Now, however, it seems to stay at very low speeds.


I've tried some things, like turning of QoS on my router and changing DNS adress on the IPad, but this has not helped.



Today I brought the iPad to work and hooked up with the office wifi, and the speeds are back to normal...




Does anyone have any clue asbto what to look for in my home setup?








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